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Midweek Snippets

Half the week gone already? It's certainly going by quickly, at least for me. Of course, considering it's Halloween coming up this weekend, I'm sure a lot of people are wanting the week to go by fast. And while there probably won't be much Trick or Treating going on, we can still have some bite-sized gaming treats here. Today on the platter we have:

Skeleton Halfling Army Available From TTCombat

Are you scared? You should be!

While our new lasers are being installed and running catch-up (read more here), our resin team are still cranking out the models!

This week we have a whole massive Skeleton Halfling army headed your way, so grab your shovel, because they’re not going to dig themselves up out of the grave. Wait, actually they probably would. Okay, just read on instead.

Ramshackle Games Acquires Da Green One Line of Ork Models

Da Green One is a range of high quality resin Ork models for use in popular tabletop games. The models are scaled to about 30mm for the height of an Ork. These models are produced by Soul Forge Casting.

Kraken Dice Acrylic Dice Sale Happening Now