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Midweek Snippets

The week's already halfway done. And, I keep forgetting that we're coming up to a 3-day weekend! Woo! We just need to get through the rest of this week. And to help, let's get some energy by noshing on some bite-sized gaming stories.

Today on the platter we have: New Miniature of the Month From Victoria Miniatures and Labor Day Sale Happening Now at Kraken Dice.

New Miniature of the Month From Victoria Miniatures

Hello Hobby friends,

It is my great pleasure to introduce our newest free Miniature of the Month, Svargan Colonel Ursula Chenkova.

Many of you will remember this character first appearing at Adepticon 2018 as the Limited Edition Miniature. This new 2020 sculpt joins the Women and Men of The Svargan Shock Soldats and the Free Miniature of the Month Collection.

All orders of $100 or more receive free worldwide shipping. Victoria Miniatures are made in the USA.

Labor Day Sale Happening Now at Kraken Dice

What better way to celebrate hard work and the end of summer than great deals and free dice!

We are bringing back two of our most popular new promotions, and making them include more sets than ever before. 12 piece resin sets for just $12 and 14pc resin sets for just $14! All acrylic sets 30% off. Alchemy Dice sets for as low as $8! Great pricing and stacking promotional deals, including limited edition dice sets, you won't want to miss these awesome deals!

Baba Yaga got the brains, but Calypso got the beauty. Once you find her, you'll never want to leave her.

Calypso is making her way to the lair. This FREE limited edition dice set will only be available to the 1st 1500 qualifying orders of our labor day sale.