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Midweek Snippets

Alright. We've made it halfway through the week. We can make it through the other half, right? Right! I knew you had it in you. As for me, I'm feeling a little peckish. So, before we put our helmet on, put our head down, and charge into the latter half of this week, let's snack on some bite-sized gaming stories.

Today on the platter we have: Citizens: Faith and Honor by HeresyLab Up On Kickstarter, Arvalon 8 Sci-Fi Minis and Terrain Up On Kickstarter, Gummi Dice On Sale From Kraken Dice.

Citizens: Faith and Honor by HeresyLab Up On Kickstarter

A new set of character to enhance your existing line of figurines. If you joined the first 2 Kickstarters you know how the models are, and if you missed them now you have a chance to grab them at a discounted price. Plus for the first 48 hours all pledges for 10 or more models will get Father Ted model for free. For the digital pledges, Father Ted STL file will be added for free to all the pledges of 1 Warband STL or higher. After that he will be available as add on in the pledge manager in both formats. Bear in mind that Father Ted is a Ks exclusive, a way to say thank you to the backers!

Arvalon 8 Sci-Fi Minis and Terrain Up On Kickstarter

The Arvalon 8 project is two parts: a support-free 28mm scenery collection, (of printable files for a 3D printer) designed for wargames, role playing games, and skirmish games; and a collection of amazing miniatures, including hunters, smugglers, and their ships to bring the world to life. Pledges will be delivered as STL files for you to print on your home 3D Printer. Most of the terrain files were designed to fit 3D printers with a bed size of 220mm x 220mm bed and print without supports! All pieces of terrain were designed to work with a tabletop gaming scale of 28mm-32mm.

The project also sees the input of competitive 40K/Legion tournament player and Tournament Organizer Cody Brown, who brought his expertise to make sure that this terrain set would be perfect for TOs and players alike. A focus was put on making sure the terrain set was durable, functional, while also looking great. 5 inches high, 1 inch thick, modular, and with a wide variety of scatter and area terrain makes this terrain set the perfect start to a player's or TO's dream table.

Gummi Dice On Sale From Kraken Dice

48 Hours Only! Buy 2 Kraken Gummi Candy Dice Sets and Get your 3rd Gummi Candy Dice Set FREE