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Midweek Snippets

Halfway through the week already. Mine, at least, feels like it's going quickly. Moreso when I remember that I have Friday off. It's a holiday weekend here in the States, after all. A time to celebrate and eat some tasty food. And speaking of tasty things, I've got some great-tasting bite-sized gaming stories for you today to help energize you to the aforementioned weekend.

Today on the platter we have: New Cyborg Skulls Available From Puppets War, Dice Macabre Dice From Q Workshop Up On Kickstarter, 3D Printable Townsfolk Up On Kickstarter, Ocean Adventure Polyhedral Dice Up On Kickstarter, and Wild Earth Dice Up On Kickstarter.

New Cyborg Skulls Available From Puppets War

Cyberpunk enough?

Let us know in the comments if you want to see more creations with this vibe in the future?

Dice Macabre Dice From Q Workshop Up On Kickstarter

Welcome, fellow Necromancers! We heard you like bones. We like‘em too, white, free of meaty sinew (we’re vegan-friendly, yess!), polished and nicely carved. And skulls! Skulls are even better. Roundy and toothy, thicky and shiny, and spacy - to contain immensely dark forces for us to command! We mean, for you, yess…

But we need more. More! MORE SKULLS! We heap them in a pile, yess, we shape them nice and pretty, we give them digits to fool the fate-being! And we make them bigger! And better, yess! And… we’ll get to this later. Follow us, fellow Necromancer! Your journey begins!

3D Printable Townsfolk Up On Kickstarter

All models come with a no base, simple base, and decorative base option. All backers receive all 3 versions in addition to the tested resin pre-supported version of the decorative base miniature.

Ocean Adventure Polyhedral Dice Up On Kickstarter

Each dice set was created around an emotion and an ocean icon. Sea shells tell the journey from being discarded and lost, to finding a new place on the beach where someone finds and treasures them. Skulls tell of an an adventurous spirit, longing, and greed. Just like each of our own lives, each story our character embarks on is full of emotion. Love, Betrayal, Kinship among an unlikely group, and a search for Freedom, Justice, and Adventure. A story that's a part of all of us on this journey through life... and one that's at the heart of every good adventure campaign.

Wild Earth Dice Up On Kickstarter

Greetings dice lovers and explorers! This earth, this beautiful planet we live on, is full of mysteries, and wonders we have yet to fully explore. With the summer approaching, plant and animal life are coming out of hibernation and beginning to explore the new colors, wonders and mysteries the earth has to offer once in full bloom. I'm excited to bring to you my newest project...Wild Earth Dice!! Premium, sharp edge dice forged in the savage lands of the Wild Earth.