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Midweek Snippets

Yesterday, almost all of the day, I felt like it was Thursday. Apparently I wasn't the only one, as it seems to have been going around, as I came across a ton of posts and memes about that exact same thing from all over the internet. Now, today... it still feels like it should be Thursday. Ugh. This is gonna be one of them-thar kinda weeks, isn't it? And it's -still- January! This month feels like it's never going to end. But, like all things, it certainly will. We just need to get through it all. And maybe noshing on a couple bite-sized gaming stories will help.

Today on the platter we have: Gary Hunt Miniatures Running Beestwars Minis Kickstarter and New Rapier Swords Available From Puppets War.

Gary Hunt Miniatures Running Beestwars Minis Kickstarter

 I'm passionate about what I do and over the years have put this passion into developing my own comprehensive range of figurines under the Gary Hunt Miniatures banner. Genres include historical (54mm), Fantasy (28mm-32mm), dragons, creatures and tribesmen through to post-apocalyptic cyber-punk girls (28mm-32mm). 

Part of my range is a line of highly detailed miniatures representing 9 factions and races designed to suit modern fantasy gaming. These 'Beestwars' figures are supported by their own free quickstart pdf ruleset (Beestwars.pdf) 

With your support this Make 100 kickstarter aims to bring two new fantasy figures to reality. This set of two figures includes one large hero mini for each of the Minotaur (Clovis) and Gnoll (Hyenaman) factions for Beestwars. Whilst these are designed for the Beestwars ruleset, they are equally at home as stand alone characters for other games or for the display painter.

New Rapier Swords Available From Puppets War

Rapier swords are finally in the store: