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Midweek Snippets

Monday went by quickly. Tuesday went by fairly quickly. Apparently, my brain got going and was like, "It's Thurdsday!" this morning.

It's not, in fact, already Thursday. Slow down, brain. We don't need to go skipping days like that. Calm down.

So, it's actually Wednesday. And that means we need to get some midweek fuel in the form of bite-sized gaming stories.

Today on the platter we have: New Metal Dice Sets in Kraken's Dice Market, Mistborn Metal Dice Up On Kickstarter, Turrim Wizard Dice Up On Kickstarter, and Dispel Dice Debut Collection Up On Kickstarter.

New Metal Dice Sets in Kraken's Dice Market

Kraken's Dice Market gets a little metal! 10 new metal sets have made their way into today's dice drop at over 35% off! Select resin sets are 25% off. Get yours before they're gone!

Mistborn Metal Dice Up On Kickstarter

We're Crafty Games. We've been making Mistborn tabletop game products since 2012. We have already made a roleplaying game with multiple supplements in both eras of the Mistborn universe, a board game pitting players against one another as leaders of the Great Noble Houses, and an acrylic Mistborn Allomancy Dice set. You can see the miniatures for Mistborn: House War and the acrylic Mistborn Allomancy Dice in the Early Bird offer above. 

One of the products we've been asked about more than any other is a full set of Mistborn Metal Dice. We always thought it was logistically and financially impossible, but then we met the amazing folks over at Die Hard Dice. After working with them for over a year to get every detail just right, we came up with a set of 20 - yes, TWENTY - solid metal dice, each with a unique plating, finish, and symbol from the Mistborn novels by fantasy mastermind and NYT bestselling author, Brandon Sanderson.

The symbols and the Allomantic powers associated with them are detailed below. These symbols replace the 6 on each die, making them ideal for any purpose where rolling high is desired. This includes most dice pool systems, such as the one featured in the Mistborn Adventure Game.

We have completed pre-production for the entire Mistborn Metal Dice set, and you can see actual photos of real factory samples all over this page. These photos have only been touched up a wee bit to contend with lighting and reflection issues (some of the dice are very, very shiny!). Otherwise, what you see is exactly what you'll get.

Turrim Wizard Dice Up On Kickstarter

2018 witnessed the debut and culmination of our extremely successful TERA Dice Kickstarter project. That dice set design was inspired by traditional Japanese architecture with a very elegant and creative aesthetic, and the completed set was very well received by our supporters.

We are eager to build on the enthusiasm of our supporters and deliver another dice set that is inspired by our passion and creativity. The TURRIM Dice Tower Set is a completely new and unique way to roll!

Dispel Dice Debut Collection Up On Kickstarter

Tabletop RPG gaming saved my life during a time when I was really struggling. The act of a scheduled activity where I would go have fun with friends on a regular basis helped me overcome my depression. It helped me build stronger connections with friends, create a sense of community, and, as cheesy as it sounds, gave me somewhere to belong. As a way to contribute back to the fandom creatively, I started Dispel Dice. 

Since then, it’s grown more than I could have possibly imagined in a short period of time. I want to share Dispel Dice with the world, and to do that, I need to accelerate production so it can be sustainable long-term.

Dispel Dice stands in solidarity with Kickstarter United.