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Midweek Snippets

Hmm, this week doesn't seem to be going by too bad. Decent speed. Busy, but not overwhelming. Just continuing along at a good clip. We'll see if that continues. But, seeing as it's halfway through, it's as good a time as ever for a pit stop. Let's nosh on some bite-sized gaming stories, shall we?

Today on the platter we have: Damage Dice Elemental Dice Sets Up On Kickstarter, Critical Dice Up On Kickstarter, Diamond D6s Up On Kickstarter, 2020 Glitter Dice Up On Kickstarter, and Krakenship's Fantasy Tabletop Miniatures Up On Kickstarter.

Damage Dice Elemental Dice Sets Up On Kickstarter

Why do I keep borrowing my neighbors d4’s for Magic Missile? Why am I rolling a die labeled 0–9, when Firebolt deals 1–10 damage? Which damage is slashing and which is the radiant dealt by the holy weapon buff? Essential polyhedral dice sets are designed to be used broadly among many role playing systems and scenarios, resulting in tiny compromises that we all work around.

But we don’t just think you should be able to buy a dice set with the actual number of dice you need, we also think your toss should feel awesome. Some mis-matched dice of all different colors will turn up numbers for your evil Spirit Guardians just fine, but it’s nothing like watching a fistfull of inky black dice covered in skulls rattle across the battlemat.

Critical Dice Up On Kickstarter

We are happy to introduce the Critical Dice, a set of custom dice with a new critical hit system to your role-playing games. 

Your critical hits will no longer be the same and will now add amazing effects and flavor to your game! Using them is extremely simple and satisfying: when you roll a critical hit on a d20, roll all six dice instead of simply doubling the damage. Check the results as they will combo together, producing a unique crit effect!

Diamond D6s Up On Kickstarter

Hi and Welcome to our kickstarter project!

Diamond is a great strength precious stone of exceptional power and having magical abilities. With that's inspiration we created this project - Diamond d6.

The Diamond d6 is great for RPG/ Board gamer as well as Dice Collector.

We hope our gorgeous dice designs bringing you a very lucky event that is surprising with fun and unexpected on your roll!

2020 Glitter Dice Up On Kickstarter

The new year 2020 is soon to be upon us, and we need to celebrate with dice!

Krakenship's Fantasy Tabletop Miniatures Up On Kickstarter

We need your help to fund the production of 12 new miniature figures for tabletop RPGs. These 28mm miniatures represent our vision for 3 different races, the Phoradin (Forest Guardians), Chellon (Shellfolk), and Grimalkin (Catkin). We are introducing 4 new types for each of these three races. If we haven’t covered the race and class combo that you’re looking for, worry not, krakenships will continue creating miniatures to fill the gaps in the miniature world. We’re just kraken the surface!

Each miniature set includes one of each of the 4 unique miniatures of each specific race. We have included the concept art to help show what the models/minis will be like as you can see with our already modeled miniatures. We're still working on the models and will add them throughout the campaign as we complete more, but here's what we have so far!