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Midweek Snippets

Halfway there. We're halfway back to the weekend. And even though this is a full week, as opposed to last week's shortened week, it already feels like it's going by much faster. That's not a complaint, mind you. Especially since this weekend includes D&D. If I'm going to have the energy to keep trucking along, I need to top off with some bite-sized gaming stories.

Today on the platter we have: Vesuvius Media Running Tokens and Coins Kickstarter, CNC Machined Brass Dice Up On Kickstarter, and Kraken's Weekly Price Drop Now Live.

Vesuvius Media Running Tokens and Coins Kickstarter

We are a team of gamers who love to fully immerse in play. This Up Your Game campaign aims to do just that, by adding awesome components, tokens, and coins to your favorite games!

You may recognize some of these components from Nocturion. We had such a great response from backers who received the Nocturion deluxe components, we decided to bring them back to the table and unlock even more great content!

CNC Machined Brass Dice Up On Kickstarter

A while back we were asked by a good client to help him with some dice for a brand he owns. An idea immediately came back to mind as we talked about the dice. I knew before we were off the phone what I wanted to blow his mind with. As excited as we were for them to come to life, it slowly became bitter sweet as the cost for the vision was becoming more than the clients budget. At that point they were put on the shelf and a different design was pursued for the client. But we were smitten with what we had. We brought them off the shelf and refined them perfectly. We know that they aren't for your average person, but we don't think you are average people. The Kickstarter community welcomed us in with our first project The PocketPuck and we feel you all will love this project as well.

The dice we designed to bring to you here on Kickstarter are simple yet unique. We prefer the simple lines that typical dice already have but wanted to add just a bit more. So the press fit raised PIP design was born. We knew we needed to make sure to compensate for the extra weight added with each PIP so we used a CAD program to calculate how much material to remove behind the PIP to balance the 15mm dice. We drill out the location for the PIPs and we press fit in a stainless steel bearing. If you are wondering if it will come out, only with some help and effort, normal gameplay will not be an issue. We know that they aren't just pretty dice that will sit on a shelf and playability is key. The tactile feel of the raised PIPs along with the density of brass and stainless is a great combo here.

Kraken's Weekly Price Drop Now Live

This weeks DICE MARKET Dice Drop is live. These Resin flower sets are $4 off for the next 3 days. We invested in the mini order qty of 500 of each, and I was told yesterday they are being discontinued. I'm not sure how many others companies invested, but this is your chance to own these flower dice sets for $7.95 each, regular price will be $11.95.