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Midweek Snippets

It's Wednesday. But it's also like a Friday, since my weekend starts this afternoon. Either way, we need to get you some bite-sized gaming stories before you head out to the BBQ. So, let's get right to it.

Today on the platter we have: Kraken Dice Blowout Sale Happening Now, New Releases Available From Bombshell Miniatures, and Alternate Stars Sci-Fi Minis Available From Alternative Armies.

Kraken Dice Blowout Sale Happening Now

20% (or more) off most of site! Almost the entire website is on sale, so make sure to check the rest of the sections of the website for other deals.

The warehouse is filling up and things are getting a bit cramped, so we're blowing out some of the existing over stock to give us a little more space. Save up to 50% site-wide. Please note that during the clearance sale all dice sets will be consolidated into an appropriate number of medium or large bags. Find your favorites by type or just look for the largest discounts by using the categories to the left!

New Releases Available From Bombshell Miniatures


NEW RELEASES for July have been added to the web store!

Alternate Stars Sci-Fi Minis Available From Alternative Armies

Alternative Armies is proud to announce a new original 28mm range added to our already huge selection of tabletop gaming scales and genres. High quality miniatures titled 'Alternate Stars' which will be great for any sci-fi game system you choose. The range launches with twelve single codes and a full set of all twelve which will ship worldwide at the end of July 2019. But before then we have an excellent two stage pre-order offer lasting all this month for you to get in on.

We are well known for Flintloque for our High Fantasy Ranges for our Ion Age science fiction all in 28mm scale plus many more and as a long established company with a proven track record we hope you like these too. Alternate Stars is totally generic (do you like the play on our name?) and each miniature has its own style and potential uses plus some of the characters draw their inspiration from other parts of Alternative Armies....can you spot them?