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Midweek Snippets

Halfway there, everyone. We've made it halfway through the week. Congratulations! I hope you've got some gaming planned for this weekend. I've got some plans to hang out with friends, but beyond the vague "hang out," we've not really figured things out. I do have some minis I've been wanting to assemble, so we might have a build party. We'll see. Anyway, as it's Wednesday, that means we need to snack upon some bite-sized gaming stories.

Today on the platter we have: Skirmisher Publishing Releases Viking Warrior Cardstock Characters, New Pirate Ship Bases Available From Tabletop-Art, PicoArmor Releases 3mm Seven Years' War Miniatures, Fantasy Miniatures For RPGs and Wargames Up On Kickstarter, and Baueda Releases New Norman Crossbowmen.

Skirmisher Publishing Releases Viking Warrior Cardstock Characters

This set of downloadable Cardstock CharactersTM miniatures contains 10 different figures in c. 28mm scale, including a chieftain (jarl), four warrior retainers (thegns), a rune mage (galdrmadr), and four common warriors (carls). This set also includes a horizontally-flopped version of the entire group to allow for additional variety, allowing a full 20 figures to be printed out on a single sheet, as well as assembly instructions. 

These beautiful miniatures by noted fantasy artist Amanda Kahl are the ideal addition to any sort of tabletop fantasy RPG or wargame and can be used to enhance encounters or even serve as the basis for them. They have been developed with an eye for historical accuracy under the direction of game developer and Ragnarok: Age of Wolves author Clint Staples and are equipped with authentic Viking weapons, armor, and clothing. 

New Pirate Ship Bases Available From Tabletop-Art

We have new Pirate Ship round bases in the shop: 25mm, 25mm DEAL, 32mm, 32mm DEAL, 40mm, 40mm DEAL, 50mm 1, 50mm 2, 60mm 1. On the ship deck are hatches, torn flags, ropes, boxes, weapons, etc. The baseset is ideal for all sea dogs and pirates.

PicoArmor Releases 3mm Seven Years' War Miniatures

PicoArmor (Oddzial Osmy’s exclusive North American distributor), is please to announce the release of a line of 3mm Seven Years’ War miniatures. These include tricorne infantry and infantry command packs, tricorne cavalry and cavalry command packs, hussars and hussar command packs, grenadiers, and artillery.

Fantasy Miniatures For RPGs and Wargames Up On Kickstarter

I sculpted a small series of metal miniatures inspired by the classic ones of the 90s that I collected and painted. These miniatures will fit perfectly with skirmish wargames like Mordheim, Frostgrave or Dragon Rampant but they can be cool PC or NPC for your pen&paper roleplaying games. The path this project will take is like the exploration of a dungeon: as our three unlikely heroes (a Halfling, a Fairy and a Ogre bodyguard) delve deeper, they will face menacing creatures like the Gargoyles or treacherous cultists and enchanters, but they may also find unexpected allies... Moreover Randolf the Ogre (see below) could find bits of armor, and weapons of his size. Project is already financed and we're close to the first stretch goal.

Baueda Releases New Norman Crossbowmen (pting! pting!)

Do not run away now! When we have conquered, then you can flee! 15mm Norman Light and Heavy Crossbowmen (Supplied with separate crossbows) Known since ancient times but fallen in disuse in Europe after the end of the Roman Empire, by the end of the first millennium the crossbow was growing back in popularity. Two of our figures have almost no armour (one has an helmet) and are more suitable for skirmishing roles or second line troops, while the other two both wear heavy armour (one padded and one chainmail) and represent first rank line troops. All use early crossbows models suitable for up to the 12th Century. There is one bow modeled without the stirrup which is for the figure spanning the weapon (the stirrup is molded on his foot). The slightly larger and longer bow is for the figure with the padded armour (the others won't fit on him).