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Midweek Snippets

We're getting there. We've made it to Wednesday. And, for many of us here in the States, we're making our way to a 3-day weekend. That's gonna be nice. But before we get there, we've gotta finish up the week. Powering us along the way is some bite-sized gaming stories.

Today on the platter we have: New Releases Available From RN Estudio, The Art of Privateer Press Up On Kickstarter, Black Topaz Magick Set Coming from Kraken Dice Tomorrow, and Brigade Models Releases New 15mm SF Releases.

New Releases Available From RN Estudio

We have just update our online store, Natacha, Priscila, Luculia, a lot of more miniatures, sure you like :)

The Art of Privateer Press Up On Kickstarter

Privateer Press was founded by artists with a great love for fantasy and science-fiction artwork. The worlds they created and the games that grew out of them have always been driven by a passion for visual creation. The very first book Privateer published—Book I of the Witchfire Trilogy: The Longest Night—received the EN World gold awards for Best Interior and Best Cover artwork for an RPG product for the year it released, establishing the company as a visionary creative studio.

After nearly 20 years and literally thousands of illustrations later, the images that have adorned the games and novels of Privateer Press will be collected into a long-anticipated beautiful art book, sure to become a favored gem among any art lover’s library…but only if this project funds by January 25th.

Black Topaz Magick Set Coming from Kraken Dice Tomorrow

Beauty from destruction as the world crumbles from the force of Black Magick as tales of its existence pass through the inns and taverns in whispers. A powerful and deadly force that consumes the very vitality of those brave, or foolish, enough to learn its secrets.

Kraken Dice is proud to present Topaz, the fourth of our Black Magick line. Its luxurious yellow and swirling black will captivate and enthrall.

Brigade Models Releases New 15mm SF Releases

We released a trio of new items in our 15mm SF ranges last weekend. The first are some very useful new 15mm scale waterslide decals – twenty sets of vehicle tac numbers to help you identify your tanks. They come in five colours (red, yellow, blue, white and black) and each sheet has enough 2-digit numbers for 20 vehicles (two numbers per vehicle) running from the 10s up to the 80s. Each number is a fraction over 4mm high and are arranged in a regular grid to make them easier to cut out of the sheet. The decals can be found on our website under the Hammer’s Slammers range, along with many other sets of Slammers unit-specific decals. The AA Bunker is a resin model that consists of a small radar-equipped control bunker with an attached mounting for a turret – generally an AA one, although there’s no reason why you couldn’t fit it with a small missile or gun turret from our extensive range. Finishing our triumvirate is this new cargo carrier version of the GS-1000 range of GEVs. This single piece resin model is based on the standard GS chassis with a new open cargo deck – a larger rear section that will fit one of our cargo pods, and a smaller side section for ammo boxes, fuel cans etc. B15-1005 – AA Bunker – £8.00 HS15-2016 – GS-1100C Cargo Carrier – £7.50 DC15-012K – Black 10-20 – £4.00 DC15-034K – Black 30-40 – £4.00 DC15-056K – Black 50-60 – £4.00 DC15-078K – Black 70-80 – £4.00 DC15-012R – Red 10-20 – £4.00 DC15-034R – Red 30-40 – £4.00 DC15-056R – Red 50-60 – £4.00 DC15-078R – Red 70-80 – £4.00 DC15-012B – Blue 10-20 – £4.00 DC15-034B – Blue 30-40 – £4.00 DC15-056B – Blue 50-60 – £4.00 DC15-078B – Blue 70-80 – £4.00 DC15-012Y – Yellow 10-20 – £4.00 DC15-034Y – Yellow 30-40 – £4.00 DC15-056Y – Yellow 50-60 – £4.00 DC15-078Y – Yellow 70-80 – £4.00 DC15-012W – White 10-20 – £4.00 DC15-034W – White 30-40 – £4.00 DC15-056W – White 50-60 – £4.00 DC15-078W – White 70-80 – £4.00