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Midweek Snippets

In a way, it's Wednesday, because that's what day it is. In a way, it's Friday, because it's the last day of the work week. In some ways, it's both, because we have a Snippets post here for you. So, before you chow down on all the food tomorrow, let's get you some bite-sized gaming stories to snack on.

Today on the platter we have: Game Cows Discusses Different Types of Board Games, ARMYTRANSPORT Black Friday Sale Happening Now, The Avatar of Cthulhu Up On Kickstarter, Rebel Minis Releases 28mm Scale Cyberdogs, and New Monster Hunter Mini Available From Brother Vinni.

Game Cows Discusses Different Types of Board Games

Board gaming today has turned into a behemoth, with games and strategies becoming ever more complex and in-depth. With so many new gamers in the industry, imaginations run wild. The traditional view of what a board game is has been completely thrown out the window, the genres and mechanics becoming so intertwined that it can be hard to figure out “What’s in the box?”

To help guide you we’ve compiled a list of the most common types of board games that players will find and what to expect from them. Have no fear, Game Cows is here!

ARMYTRANSPORT Black Friday Sale Happening Now

Our annual "Black Friday" sale for all available ARMYTRANSPORT products. This year we offer a tremendous savings with a "Site-wide" 20% off SALE and a coupon code: "storage" for an extra 10% off total orders over $75.00. ***(In stock items only. (While supplies last). Now is the time to stock up on "Storage" with the best and most affordable miniature storage and transportation system. ARMYTRANSPORT protecting your miniature collections for over 18 years. *** Sale will be active today thru Dec. 1 2018. Many thanx, Matt Sabol Sabol Designs

The Avatar of Cthulhu Up On Kickstarter

In this Kickstarter I want to introduce my version of Cthulhu. I've seen many different sculpts and statues but none have ever met my personal vision. Some were close but most fell short. So I went about finding some talented artists so I could get my version created. It was over a year in the making but it is done!

Now, if you're going to create Cthulhu you have to go big and this sculpture is huge!  It comes in at 380mm (just under 15") from the base to the tip of the wings. Here's a picture with one of my 32mm miniatures from the last Kickstarter. As you can see Cthulhu towers above normal miniatures. It is an imposing figure and will sit proudly in any Cthulhu or Lovecraft collection. 

Rebel Minis Releases 28mm Scale Cyberdogs

We are very excited to announce the release of our 28mm Cyberdogs! Perfect for your Sci-Fi games! You get 7 dogs and bases per pack.

New Monster Hunter Mini Available From Brother Vinni

Monster Hunter, 28 mm fantasy wargame miniature.

28 mm multipart resin miniature.

Unassembled, unpainted. Base not included.
Miniature produced by Brother Vinni's studio.