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Midweek Snippets

Midweek already. Never a complaint when we are already halfway through the week. Especially since I've got gaming lined up for Saturday. But before we get there, we need to actually get there, if you know what I mean. And if we're going to get there, we need to have snacks to eat. And that's just what we're here for now.

On the platter today we have: Divination Gaming Dice by DougOutCrafts Up On Kickstarter, Nuns with Laserguns Up On Kickstarter, Brigade Models Releases New 15mm Dragoon Half-tracks for Hammer's Slammers, Up to 25% OFF sci-fi Female Resistance Fighters range From Statuesque Miniatures, RN Estudio Running Mythexplorers II Kickstarter, and New Stalingrad Germans Available From Great Escape Games.

Divination Gaming Dice by DougOutCrafts Up On Kickstarter

Call it a hunch. A premonition. A glimpse into the Mystic Unknown. Are you brave enough to peer beyond the veil? For untold truths await with every roll...

The Divination Dice set includes 7 uniquely styled polyhedral dice, perfect for Role-Playing and Table-Top Games. Each piece features artwork representing different tools of divination, crafted by the skilled makers at Q-Workshop. And each set comes boxed in a full color collector's box, suitable for retail.

Brigade Models Releases New 15mm Dragoon Half-tracks for Hammer's Slammers

The Thunderbolt Division appears in the Hammer’s Slammers story The Warrior (and get a bit of a pasting from Slick des Grieux !) and use two different types of half-track – the Viking recce vehicle, which we released earlier in the year, and the much larger Dragoon, which takes on the functions of tank, APC and support vehicle. Both of these have been available for some time in 6mm, and we've now re-released the 15mm version of the Dragoon. The Dragoon has an unusual configuration of twin pairs of front wheels and two independant small track units either side for low ground pressure and maximum manoeuvrability. There are five turret variants with gun turrets, calliopes and missile launchers. We’ve remastered all of the turrets from the original 3D files, and remoulded the hull from the original master. We’re also able to offer five different army packs from the Thunderbolt Division detachment list which can be found on the official Hammer’s Slammers website. We’ll have stocks of the Dragoon and Viking at SELWG on Sunday – see you then ! HS15-1811 – Br59 Dragoon 2 T/ICV – £8.00 HS15-1812 – Br66 Tank Destroyer – £8.00 HS15-1813 – Br58SM Schlepper – £8.00 HS15-1814 – Br54/56 Dragoon 2 M/ICV – £8.00 HS15-1815 – Br57 Calliope – £8.00 HSD15-1801 – Thunderbolt Panzer Grenadier Detachment – £50.00 HSD15-1802 – Thunderbolt Panzer Detachment – £57.50 HSD15-1803 – Thunderbolt Support Detachment – £63.50 HSD15-1804 – Thunderbolt Infantry Detachment – £43.00 HSD15-1805 – Thunderbolt Recce Detachment – £44.50 HSDEC-181 – Thunderbolt Division Sheet 1 – £4.00 HSDEC-182 – Thunderbolt Division Sheet 2 – £4.00

Up to 25% OFF sci-fi Female Resistance Fighters range From Statuesque Miniatures

Come join the Resistance! Fight oppression! FREEDOM! For a limited time only, you can get up to 25% off the Resistance Fighter range. Every items in the Female Resistance Fighters and Resistance Fighter Accessories ranges has been discounted. Every Resistance Fighter figure features separate, poseable heads and many have separate weapons, allowing different combinations of parts for more variety. As such, now is a great time to gather what you need to build your ideal, optimised Resistance Cell! So whether you want Commissar Vespera Venko to lead your fighters or a full Resistance Cell, all items in the ranges are discounted and ready to go! These offers will run until Sunday the 4th of November, or while stocks last. And be warned, stock is quite low on some items so don't delay and order today!

RN Estudio Running Mythexplorers II Kickstarter

Upgrade your board game with premium miniatures. 32 mm scale, finest quality, hard resin miniatures Free shipping worldwide. About us RN estudio offer services like 3D sculpt, the best 3D printings , Resin cast and Miniature Painting. We helped other companies to have success in their crowdfunding projects, we have worked in more than 20 successfully completed projects. We have enough experience to bring you the best quality resin cast miniatures for your Zombie, Dungeon Crawler or Skirmish games, or simply for collect and paint ! Why Crowdfunding? Our previous campaigns, for expand our miniature range, Mythexploers, Chaos Pact team , Humans VS Orcs , 4 New FF Teams, Revenants VS Ancestrasls were very successful, and we are very happy with the experience. We plan to produce all the miniatures and do all the shippings in 1 month! Because of this we must limited the maximum quantity than can offer in this kickstarter to 80 copies of each miniature. All our backers are very satisfied with the finall product, also you can buy in our web store ! We have finished awesome models to expand our line MYTHEXPLORES. Because of this, we need your help to make these miniatures reality. If you help in this proyect, you will get the best price you can dream, , exclusive items and FREE SHIPPING WORLDWIDE.

New Stalingrad Germans Available From Great Escape Games

To complement our existing Soviet, Hungarian and Romanian releases for the Eastern Front, we are very proud to announce the release of our Stalingrad Germans. We have 50 different miniatures available in a number of packs and army deals. We have had many kind comments for our efforts with the so-called minor nations on the Eastern Front - and we will have more releases for Romanian and Hungarians - but it was high time to make the main protagonists in this theatre! Thanks for all of your support for these ranges. If you keep buying 'em, we'll keep making 'em. Later this year we will release Winter Soviets and Winter Italians. Winter Germans will follow.