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Midweek Snippets

Wednesday. It's spelled wrong.

Anyway, that aside, it means the week's half over. I, for one, look forward to our weekend coming as soon as possible. I've got some gaming I'll be doing, so you know that makes me happy (my bard, named Lead, will be overthrowing a town. Fun! :D )

But before I incite revolution, I need to stock up on some bite-sized gaming stories.

On the platter today we have: Brigade Models - New Japanese Aeronef Available, New Dogs Set Available From Tabletop-Art, Baueda: New 15mm Merovingian Frankish 496–639AD Army Pack, Fierce Warriors and Monsters Coming to Kickstarter October 18th, and RN Estudio Launches New Website.

Brigade Models - New Japanese Aeronef Available

Today sees the official website release of our new, remastered Japanese Aeronef capital ships. There are four new models - replacements for the Yashima and Yamashiro battleships, and a new version of the Ryujo class carrier. There's also a brand new ship, the Shinano class dreadnought. All follow the new configuration of resin hull with lots of metal detail fittings, including separate turrets - the Japanese use the same types as our British battleships. We've reconfigured the existing fleet packs, added a new one containing two Shinanos plus escorts, and introduced a Japanese Grand Fleet Pack for the first time. VAN-602 – Yashima class Battleship – £7.50 VAN-603 – Ryujo class Carrier – £9.00 VAN-615 – Yamashiro class Battleship – £8.00 VAN-617 – Shinano class Dreadnought – £8.00 VANFP-026 – Japanese Grand Fleet Pack – £48.00 VANFP-601 – Japanese Fleet Pack #1 – £22.00 VANFP-602 – Japanese Carrier Pack – £22.00 VANFP-604 – Japanese Fleet Pack #2 – £22.00 VANFP-605 – Japanese Fleet Pack #3 – £22.00

New Dogs Set Available From Tabletop-Art

The set includes 4x dogs: poodle, pug, dachshund, sheepdog. They are made of white metal and 4x 25mm resin bases are included.

Baueda: New 15mm Merovingian Frankish 496–639AD Army Pack

New Army Pack Available Now: DBA 3.0 III-5 - MIDDLE FRANKISH 496AD – 639AD Save 10% on normal retail price and get everything you need for a DBA 3.0 Merovingian Frankish army, plus a free foot command element! This DBA army pack contains at least 48 figures (some handy spares are normally included), of which 42 are on foot and 6 mounted, including commands. Include enough figures for all options: 1x 3Cv or 3Kn GEN, 1x 3Cv or 3Kn, 1x 4Wb GEN, 6x 4Wb or 4Bd, 3x 4Wb or 4Sp, 1x 2Ps (13 elements in all) plus a tent model, accessories and figures to use as camp!

Fierce Warriors and Monsters Coming to Kickstarter October 18th

Fierce: Warriors and Monsters Kickstarter launching 18.10.18 Crowd funding project on the Kickstarter platform, Fierce – A collection of 32mm scale dark fantasy figures & scenery. Miniatures cast in white metal & high quality resin. 18 oct -11 Nov

RN Estudio Launches New Website

We have working a lot in a new website, to offer you a better expetience, now is open, we have a discount code of 10% : rn10ml also have some new releases, and in the "upcoming" section were you can see what we release in next months!