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Midweek Snippets

The week is half over. Hooray! That means we're halfway back to the weekend. I know I'm looking forward to it (which should surprise absolutely nobody that knows me). But before we get there, we should take a chance to nibble on some bite-sized gaming stories. So let's, shall we? We shall.

Today on the platter we have: Statuesque Heroic Scale Female Heads On Sale; Troll, Goblin, and Orc Resin Miniatures Up On Kickstarter;  Noggin the Nog Figures Available Now; and Corvus Corax Miniatures Up On Kickstarter.

Statuesque Heroic Scale Female Heads On Sale

We don't do many sales at Statuesque Miniatures, preferring great prices, quantity discounts and new release special offers. But sometimes a sale is just the ticket! For a limited time only, you can get ANY two sets of Heroic Scale and/or Heroic Scale Narrow female heads at over 10% off! Not only that, but you can get ANY four sets of Heroic Scale and/or Heroic Scale Narrow female heads at over 15% off! That's a saving of £3 over the regular, individual prices. Do you want a selection of Beret and Veteran female heads to convert your space grunts? How about some cybernetic heads with the Bionic and Techno Roider female heads? You can even mix and match between the Heroic Scale and Heroic Scale Narrow heads! Happily, this sale also coincides with the SMA356 Heroic Scale Female Heads - Bionic being available again - something many people have been asking about. Don't forget to check out the comparison photos on my blog for various test conversion using all sizes of Statuesque Female Heads. These offers will run only until Sunday the 7th of October or while stocks last, so don't delay and grab some heads today!

Troll, Goblin, and Orc Resin Miniatures Up On Kickstarter

Hi there, I'm here hoping to fund the production of a brand new range of characterful miniatures, designed especially for collectors, gamers, and painters :)

the minis are a collection of Trolls, Goblins, Gribbles, and (hopefully) even Orcs, each cast in high quality resin, ranging from 50mm, to 30mm scale in size, and each sculpted with a bit of that old school character and charm that first got me into this hobby all those years ago :)

there will be some individual character minis, and a few small units to start with, and hopefully if it all goes well, we can unlock some more minis to add to the list, and hopefully even add a few gifts thrown in, just to say thanks :) 

also, for a small group of lucky people, there will be the chance to work together to design your own unique 30mm scale mini, sculpted and designed by myself, and cast in high quality resin, for use in your own collection, sounds pretty cool, right ?? :D

I've been a professional miniatures designer for many years, and have finally decided to try releasing my own range, and have enlisted the help of other industry veterans Hysterical Games to help with the physical production. more in depth details about the campaign, production methods, and also a bit about myself and my career, can be seen after all the pretty pictures :)

thanks for taking a look, I would be very grateful for any support you can give, and if you could share the project online too, that would be awesome too :)

Noggin the Nog Figures Available Now

A set of 8 miniatures based on the beloved childhood characters created by Peter Firmin and Oliver Postgate. This set has been produced for use in Nick Case’ upcoming boardgame ‘Tales of the Northlands, The Sagas of Noggin the Nog’

Corvus Corax Miniatures Up On Kickstarter

The Funding Goal is for 50,000 SEK (Swedish Crown) which equals aprox. $5,700, €4,800 or £4,300 (exchange rates may vary, please check your current ones).

The goal of this project is to attempt to raise funds for the production of totally 12 miniatures; six for the Clansmen of Caer Loch and six for the Sons of Yetl Black. The miniatures will be cast in high quality, non-toxic, resin. The scale of the miniatures are 35 mm (measuring to the eyes in a standing, straight pose, although some characters can be slightly larger because they are supposed to be large characters).

The miniatures have already been sculpted and pre-production resin casts have been completed and approved for final production if the funding is reached. A successful project here will help me be able to pay for the resin casting, and it will help me to kickstart the miniature range and expand it even further!