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Midweek Snippets

We're halfway there, folks. Halfway back to the weekend. Woo! After this, it's just that slide downhill. I've got D&D coming up. I'm ridiculously happy about that, as I'm hoping we can finish off the story arc we're currently on. Not that I've disliked the arc, of course, just that it's hitting a climax point and it'll be nice to move on to a new adventure. You don't become an adventurer to stay just in 1 town for your whole career, after all. So, as I get prepped to take over a town because they were allowing an underground slavery ring to operate there, I should make sure I'm well-fed on bite-size gaming stories.

Today on the platter we have: Roll 4 Initiative Diffusion Dice Up On Kickstarter, Kraken Dice Releasing Trapped Innocence Dice Today, Talk Wargaming Teaches Us About Airbrushing, Impact! Miniatures Presents: The Lost KS Mini Project, and New Dwarves Available From Scibor Miniatures.

Roll 4 Initiative Diffusion Dice Up On Kickstarter

Kraken Dice Releasing Trapped Innocence Dice Today

Releasing Wednesday September 26th at 5pm pst Trapped Innocence! One of Kraken's new 12 piece sets! The buy 3 get the 4th item in your cart free is continuing through the end of the month! Get some more dice!

Talk Wargaming Teaches Us About Airbrushing

There have been a great many sources out on the interwebs on the airbrush. Tutorials, Intro guides, cleaning, master classes, and all manner of opinion on the subject. Today I thought I would give a little piece of my experience on dealing with the overwhelming subject that is the airbrush, and let you make your own decision on how to proceed. I hope this guide eases the burdens on what to buy, where to buy it, and gets some more brushes in the hands of painters everywhere.

WWII Miniature War Gaming Target Sets Released by Topside Minis

This week we released two separate WWII target sets built to be used with your war gaming naval and air miniatures. The first set contains 149 units that represent larger tactical targets such as big coastal guns, dams, train stations, radar stations, shipyards, air fields etc. The second set contains 119 airfield specific targets including hangars, runways, revetments, ammo dumps, fuel dumps, etc.

Impact! Miniatures Presents: The Lost KS Mini Project

Impact! believes that lost and forgotten or unmade miniatures shouldn't stay lost to the hard drive abyss they've been relegated to. Whether they were from discontinued lines, failed or undelivered projects we think they deserve to be resurected, brought into the light, and that's why Impact! is running a project dedicated that end. Over the past year Impact! has reached out to different Kickstarter Creators whose lines of miniatures failed to fund, were never got delivered or finished, or simply were discontinued after an initial printing run. We've licensed or outright purchased all 100+ miniatures available in the KickStarter and now all that is left raise the capital for molds and materials and bring these amazing miniatures to backers to you, your friends, and your families and for gamers on tables everywhere!

New Dwarves Available From Scibor Miniatures

These models are made of high quality resin. The set contains 12 dwarves miniatures and 10 square 20mm scenic bases. They are unpainted and require assembling.