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Midweek Snippets

The week is half-over. Tomorrow is Friday Eve and then it'll be Friday. I hope a lot of you are recovering from Gen Con. With any luck, you managed to make it out without catching Con Crud. But if you did (or even if you didn't), you need to make sure you eat, and that includes snacking on some bite-sized gaming stories.

Today on the platter we have: Brigade Models Release Fasolini's Company for Hammer's Slammers in 6mm, Paladin Roleplaying Running RPG Dice Kickstarter, Kraken Dice Sale Happening Now, RBJ Games Running Giant Miniature Kickstarter, and Legendary Pants Running The Upstart Line Dice Kickstarter.

Brigade Models Release Fasolini's Company for Hammer's Slammers in 6mm


Fasolini's Company are the heroes of the David Drake novel Forlorn Hope, which isn’t strictly part of the Hammer’s Slammers canon but shares a very similar background and technology level. We also have two versions of the unit’s diminutive tracked gun systems.

The infantry, expertly sculpted by Martin Baker, come in packs of 23 – 15 riflemen in three poses, 4 rocket launchers, two squad leaders and two personality figures, Colonel Fasolini and Lieutenant Waldstejn. These are all based on the original 15mm versions of these figures, also sculpted by Martin – the tiny 6mm Guido Fasolini even has a recognisable moustache.

The guns come in two parts, the tracked base and the gun mount with crewman. The original single barrelled gun from the book is designated the Oto Melara 410C, and quad 440C version is added as an upgrade option.

There are also two pre-defined company detachment packs, each with two guns (with different versions in the two packs), two heavy trucks and 34 infantry (four rifle teams and four rocket launcher teams each of four men, plus the two officer figures to allow the option of fielding either Colonel Fasolini and Lieutenant Waldstejn as leader).

HSD6-310 – Fasolini Company Detachment – £7.00
HSD6-310a – Fasolini Company Detachment (440C) – £7.00
HS6-360 – Fasolini Infantry (x23) – £2.75
HS6-316 – Oto Melara 410C Tracked Gun – £0.80
HS6-316a – Oto Melara 440C Tracked Gun – £0.80


Paladin Roleplaying Running RPG Dice Kickstarter

We initially have 3 dice designs that will immediately be available once we reach our funding goal. Then there are a lots more colours that will unlock once we hit our stretch goals.

All dice designs are available in the following sets:

  • Standard 7-Dice RPG Set: D4, D6, D8, D10 (marked 0-9), D10 (marked in tens), D12, D20
  • Just D6s: A set of 6 matching D6s

Every dice set will come in a mini black organza drawstring bag with the Paladin Shield Logo on the front.


Kraken Dice Sale Happening Now

Back by popular demand BUY 3 GET 1 FREE - 5 Days Only

RBJ Games Running Giant Miniature Kickstarter

This time we venture into the tales of old. The story of a little boy who sets off to sell a cow and has an adventure of a lifetime.

We knew taking on a huge project like this needed big names in sculpting and I think they did a fantastic job.

Once again we are enlisting Fortress Figures to cast all these wonderful creations.

Stretch goals apply to any pledge of $100 or more in any combination. Pick one pledge add another to qualify.

Legendary Pants Running The Upstart Line Dice Kickstarter

Presenting the Upstart line of polyhedral dice by Legendary Pants! Each set features an easy-to-read, high contrast, futuristic font inked into matte black or matte grey acrylic.