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Microbrew Board Game Up On Kickstarter

I am a teetotaler. So I'm not one much for craft beers or such. That doesn't mean that I can't appreciate the time and effort that goes into making those. I just don't really enjoy the fruits of those labors. However, I can get into a worker placement game that involves brewing the best beer you can. That's what you're doing in Microbrew, a new pocket-sized board game that's up on Kickstarter now.

From the campaign:

The Brewmaster of the Tiny Tin Brewery has challenged YOU - leaders of their two newest brewing crews to a brew off! Who will create the tastiest beers and win the most loyal customers?  Only one way to find out - Ready! Set! Brew!

Microbrew is an innovative medium weight, worker placement / puzzle game hybrid that fits right in your pocket!

Microbrew is an award winning board game! Designed originally for the 2017 Mint Tin competition on BoardGameGeek - Microbrew won 1st place in two of the five categories (Best Overall and Most Innovative Mechanism) and 2nd place in a further one (Best Written Rules)! 

Guest Judge Justin Blaske (Designer and Publisher of Mint Works and Mint Delivery) also selected it as one of his three picks of the contest!

The campaign's around 4x funded with still 19 days left to go.