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Mercenary Blockader Available to Pre-Order From Privateer Press

Privateer Press is taking pre-orders for their next Black Anchor Industries figure. This time around, it's the Mercenary Blackadder... ... *reads that again* I mean, it's the Mercenary Blockader.
... I don't think I'm nearly as excited anymore about it...
Those that pre-order will get a free oil can stress toy.

From the website:

Preorder the Blockader by June 7th, 2019, and receive a FREE Black Anchor “Oil Can” stress reliever.

Preorders are expected to ship at the end of June 2019. Preorder quantity is limited to the first 1,000 preorders. The Blockader will be available as a normal item in the online store after August 1st, 2019.

The Blockader is a smash machine that crushes intruders with its mighty rocket fists. Boasting extremely high P+S melee weapons, the Blockader will turn any foe into scrap. The Blockader’s fists have some additional features like Chain Strike, giving it extended melee range, and Rocket Smash, which allows the Blockader to push its victims around, perhaps into range of the colossal’s allies.

Expanding its more close-ranged gameplay, the Blockader also has a suite of Firebreathers, large sprays that can turn clumped enemy infantry to ash, especially thanks to Shooting Gallery, which makes the Blockader more accurate at close range.

The Blockader is a big fan of Powder Monkeys, who can provide it with additional focus and Ancillary Attacks, allowing it to make an attack outside its normal activation.