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Mercator Nautica Syphoning Delegation Available To Pre-Order For Necromunda

Water, water, everywhere and if you're going to drink it, it's because the Water Guild lets you. The Necromunda faction is getting a boost this week in Forge World's pre-orders as their new Siphoning Delegation is available to pre-order now.

From the website:

On Necromunda, water is squeezed from every available source, the precious liquid gathered, refined and traded by the Merchants Guild. Master Nauticans are the representatives of the Water Guild when it comes to the procurement of drinkable water, their entourages travelling the hive bedecked in piped harnesses, sloshing tanks, and esoteric exsanguination devices.

Add some extra fighters to your gang by forming an alliance with the Water Guild and bringing in a Mercator Syphoning Delegation. The Master Nautican is the leader of the delegation and wields a variety of animatronic limbs equipped with syringes and blades. The Syphonite wears mesh armour and carries a Cult Icon, while the Subnautican is a berserker bodyguard. These fighters give you the edge in combat AND provide your gang with refreshing drinks after a fight.

This highly detailed resin kit comes in 42 components and makes a Master Nautican, a Syphonite, and a Subnautican. It comes supplied with 2 Necromunda 32mm bases and 1 Necromunda 40mm base. Rules for using them in your games of Necromunda can be found in House of Blades.