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Meet Renegade Con's Organizer

Having been a convention coordinator for a brief period of time, I know just what sort of work goes into doing the job. Let's just say that I'm glad that I'm an editor/proofreader now and have passed that convention coordinator torch off to someone else. If you want to see who's behind the upcoming Renegade Con, Renegade Game Studios has a little intro where you can say hello to Chris Whitpan.

From the post:

Renegade Game Studios is thrilled to introduce our new Event & Conventions Manager, Chris Whitpan. Chris is familiar to many board gamers for his board game content on his channel, Game All Nite. He brings his content creation, videography & streaming experience to Renegade which he is using to organize Renegade Con - the company's first convention virtually to gamers worldwide.

"I am excited by the chance to help bring Renegade events into people’s homes. I have always admired the Renegade team from the first time I played Lanterns and loved their attention to detail and mission in the board game space. " said Chris about joining the Renegade team and organizing Renegade Con.

Chris has been planning and organizing Renegade Con, building the structure of the convention and optimizing for the best experience for every gamer. As Chris put it: "Renegade Con is designed from the ground up to be a full convention experience you can enjoy in the comfort of your own home.  The team has spent the last few months working to create an experience that gives you some of the best parts of a full convention, without the crowds.  We have set up interesting panels for people to participate in, workshops on a huge variety of topics, and of course, game demos from experienced gamers and role players."