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Medieval, Tales from Europe D&D Supplement Coming to Kickstarter in December

Medieval, Tales from Europe is a new setting book for Dungeons & Dragons that's coming to Kickstarter in December. The idea is to take the game and put it in something that's relatively historically accurate. It's not 100% realistic, but it is extremely low-magic and there's only 1 race: Humans. But there's still adventure elements, as it takes a bit more fairy-tale look at things. So, your whole game won't just be, "wake up, farm, hope you don't die of starvation or disease, go to bed."

About the game:

Welcome to Medieval - Tales from Europe, the new classic medieval setting for Dungeons and Dragons 5th Edition produced by Tales for Gamers Publishing, on Kickstarter soon. Medieval - Tales from Europe is a historical setting that wants to bring the role players into a bizarre, unpredictable and absurdly real world, soaked in esotericism and full of that fairytale atmosphere that only the Middle Ages can offer, now finally proposed in a classic manner for the world's most famous role playing game. A low magic system with only one race, the human, and 11 new playable classes will teleport you into the tales of an ancient and tumultuous Europe. Live unbelievable chivalrous adventures mixed with fantastic and supernatural events, marked by typical epic tones and by the satirical and grotesque ones of the folk stories. Keep up to date with the latest released news, explore our contents and support the Kickstarter campaign to receive everything you need to immerse yourself in this amazing story.