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Match-O-Rama Party Game Available From USAopoly

How well do you know your friends? Can you think like they can? Can you guess what they're going to say? If so, you'll be a shoe-in to win Match-O-Rama, a new party game from USAopoly that's available now. Using the prompt card, come up with your answer, but also guess who near you will also guess that same answer. The closer to the person you know best, the better.

From the release:

Hey everybody, it’s time for MATCH-O-RAMA! Trade in the usual dice-rolling routine for a game night that will have you looking for lights and cameras—can you dig it?

The OP’s newest signature guessing game puts you in the seat of the shows you love to play along with at home. Grab a group of 4-8 friends and turn your party into the set of your very own “fill-in-the blank” contest, where in order to win, you predict what others at the table will say!

Each player is is equipped with a player board and prediction dial to provide their best guesses. A shuffled pile of category cards provides an endless possibility of topics that are revealed for everyone to ponder. Once answers are written in secret, it’s time to “dial in the win!”

Guessing where you’ll find someone with an answer that matches yours earns you points! Using the prediction dial on your player board, bet on a range of seats to your left or right within which you’ll find a match for a respective number of points. For example, naming a match within 3 players gets you 3 points, within 2 players scores you 4 points, and so on.

The hands-on gameplay and mounting competition lead to last-minute judgment calls and hilarious results, surprising everyone from family members to new office mates with how well you can read their minds. A snap to learn and fast to play, it’s a free-for-all race to be the first person with 35 points to win!