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Mat Hart Explains the Guild Ball Field Test

No game is entirely perfect. And the more "moving parts" a game has, the more chance for something that could require tweaks, changes, and updates later on down the line. Well, Guild Ball has a lot of moving parts and therefore has a lot of places that it can be worked on. Steamforged has, ever since the game came out, tried to keep up with the status of the game and now, they're working on it some more.

From the article:

A couple of weeks ago I tweeted a new hashtag (#guildballfieldtest) to start conversations about what, if any, changes we wanted to look at for Guild Ball. This article digs a little deeper into explaining how this process is going to work and what the possible outcomes are.

If your first question is “Why do we even need a field test, Guild Ball is perfect?” I hear you and get where you are coming from. To address this, I recently posted a lengthy article explaining the high-level thinking behind why we need to take a look at the ruleset and current ‘balance-point’ of the game in the Guild Ball Supporters Facebook group and got a huge response, which was amazing!

It should be stressed that tweaks/changes to the ruleset aren’t the only aspects of the Guild Ball product line I am looking at. Other areas obviously need some TLC too but I will only talk about these when I have actual updated information to share. Right now I am in talks with 1) retailers and distributors discussing their requirements for a successful product line, 2) manufacturers to look at new ways of producing minis and 3) the Champions and the wider community, to assess the best direction to look towards in terms of having fun chatting with each other about the game we love.