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Masters of the Night Previews Mila

Masters of the Night is a new vampire board game coming to Kickstarter at the start of next month. To make sure you have the 411 about it, they've started posting some previews of the characters. In this instance, we have Mila. Have yourselves a look.

From the preview:

Darkness sometimes lures you in through otherworldy beauty and charm....
Most vampires can fascinate mortals, but the seductive abilities of Mila go beyond what most of her brethren can do.

Her Temptation blood ability, and the Aura of Adoration she emanates when her power grows, are able to turn even her most fanatic enemies into docile minions... ready to do her bidding, ready to die or lose themselves forever, for the promise of her lethal kiss...

Masters of the Night will be on Kickstarter January, 14th - save the date and follow our page so you don't miss the launch