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Masters of Mutanite Board Game Up On Kickstarter

Mutanite. It's a strange material with strange properties. It enhances the effects of mutations in people. Thing is, everyone wants it, but there's not a lot to go around. As such, a fight's broken up to grab all you can. That's what you'll be doing in Masters of Mutanite, a new deckbuilding board game from Knapsack Games that's up on Kickstarter now.

And yes, the first couple times I read the title, I thought it said Masters of Minutiae.

From the campaign:

  • Environmental Objects – Every part of the city can be thrown at your opponents for different effects! Throw a car to set your opponent's zone on fire, or flood them with a Tsunami and fling in a power pole to electrocute them! The elemental effects are not only fun – they create strategic advantages and change the battlefield over time.
  •  Spatial Deckbuilding – Every zone in the city contains a different power, so your deckbuilding choices depend on your character's physical location. As the city becomes more dangerous, you’re forced to decide: Should I brave the flames to gain the last power for my ultimate takedown?
  •  Craft Your Mutant – Select your starting character to determine your first trait. As you play, choose from 41 unique powers and 24 unique traits. Discover new synergies every game! Combine Fireball with Pyrokinesis to become lord of flame, or play Super Speed with Stunt Rider to ram your friends with ice cream trucks! Mutanite's blend of theme and mechanics brings awesome superpower fantasies to life.
  •  Layered Strategy – Spend your precious Mutanite on new traits or hoard it for a boosted attack! Discard a card to move into a positional advantage, or build up the perfect hand and anticipate your opponent's move. Is the card they saved a reaction that will foil your plan, or are they plotting to deal you massive damage?
  •  Streamlined Gameplay – Mutanite is quick-to-learn, and gameplay moves FAST. Combined with a surprising depth of play and treasure trove of character builds to explore, it's easy to finish one game and start another.

The campaign is up and running now and is set to go for another 22 days.