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Mastering a Challenge Guide to 4th Edition Encounters Now Available

I know not everyone loved 4th edition Dungeons & Dragons, but I did. I'd gladly play in another game if one were available. Alas, while I cannot, I'm sure some of you out there can and are. One interesting thing from 4th Edition was the Skill Challenge. It was an interesting concept, but it was a little wonky to implement. The DMG tried to explain it, but I don't think they did all that great a job. Well, that's where Skirmisher Publishing's Mastering a Challenge guide comes in. You can pick up your copy now.

From the website:

4th Edition D&D mechanics are tight, smooth, and, most importantly, well-balanced; everyone has something to do, and their success means overall success for the party; and the concept of party unity and balance in gameplay is a clear design choice. These things pervade almost all aspects of the game, including skill challenges. Players seem to either love skill challenges or hate them, and if improperly implemented they will be a source of frustration for a party. You definitely need to have a plan and this mini-publication can tell you how to make one!