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Marvel Previews Ms. Marvel Hero Pack for Marvel Champions

The moniker of Ms. Marvel has been passed through a couple individuals. Most recently, it's fallen on Kamala Khan. Her body went under extreme changes when she was exposed to Terrigen Mist, giving her all sorts of stretchy super powers. Soon, you'll be able to stretch out and take on evil as well with the Ms. Marvel Hero Pack coming for Marvel Champions. Check out what you'll be capable of in this preview.

From the website:

Already struggling with who she was, and who she wanted to be, teenager Kamala Khan just wanted a simple life. But when she became trapped in a Terrigen Mist enveloping New Jersey, Kamala’s life went in a different direction. After emerging from the mist, Kamala discovered she was able to morph her body into nearly anything. Inspired by her idol Carol Danvers, Kamala took on the name Ms. Marvel and New Jersey gained its very own teenaged crime fighter!

Fantasy Flight Games is proud to announce the Ms. Marvel Hero Pack for Marvel Champions: The Card Game!!

Ms. Marvel is one of the most flexible heroes in the game, able to fit into whatever role is needed while learning to be a hero and protecting her friends from harm by reusing event cards from her hand!