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Marvel: Crisis Protocol Now Available

The super heroes and super villains are hitting the streets. Fights are breaking out and it's chaos. Will it be the heroes that save the day? Or will the villains finally take over? That's up to you to decide in Marvel: Crisis Protocol, now available from Atomic Mass Games (already seen some pictures of my friends in other countries that've picked it up already. I'm not envious... I don't know what you're talking about...).

From the website:

Marvel: Crisis Protocol is a tabletop hobby miniatures game set in the Marvel Universe. Players assemble, paint, and collect an ever expanding line of highly detailed plastic miniatures representing iconic Marvel characters. Players choose characters from their collections to form their own Marvel inspired dream team and then pit their chosen forces against each other on an interactive tabletop where the very terrain itself can be thrown, crashed into, and destroyed during the super powered showdown.