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Mantic's Easter Egg Hunt Going On Now

With everything else going on, I keep forgetting that Easter is this Sunday. I do have eggs to boil up and keilbasa to cook, though. And speaking of eggs, Mantic's filled their website with them. Find them all, and you can get a special coupon code for their webshop.

From the article:

It's become an annual tradition here at Mantic that every Easter we have the Great Mantic Egg Hunt... just the thing if you need a rest from eating all those chocolate eggs.

For the Egg Hunt we've hidden six eggs across the Mantic website and, if you find them all, you'll get a special discount code that can be used to get 10% off your next order. Perfect if you want a little Easter treat.

To find the eggs you'll need to work out a clue that describes a product on the Mantic website. There are six clues in total.

The eggs look like the one above BUT will have a letter on them. Put the letters all together and you'll spell the discount code, which you can enter at the checkout to get 10% off.

These hidden eggs will be on the website until Tuesday, April 6th but the discount code will work throughout the month. Are you ready? Here's your first clue:

 This hungry fiend would be able to eat twice as many Easter eggs as everyone else!

Solve that clue and you'll be able to find the next teaser. Good luck!