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Mantic Virtual Open Day Coming May 9th

So, we're not supposed to go outside or congregate in large numbers right now. This has lead to the cancellation of many events all over, from little ones all the way up to things like San Diego ComicCon. But, thanks to this virtual world where we can all be in the same place while still being across the planet from one-another, there's virtual events that are replacing the cancelled physical ones. For example, Mantic will be holding their first ever virtual Open Day on May 9th.

From the announcement:

For the first time in Mantic's 10-year history, we've had to cancel our Open Day. This was a massive disappointment because we love hanging out with all the Mantic fans at HQ, spending the time chatting and playing some games.

However, all is not lost because we are going to host a VIRTUAL MANTIC OPEN DAY on May 9th. Who's excited?