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Mantic Talks Armada in Get Back Gaming

Mantic's Get Back Gaming initiative is designed to get players... well... back gaming. They're going to do that via events both in-person and online. One game they're featuring as part of the initiative is one of their newest games on tabletops, Armada. Get a look at what the plans for the game include in this post.

From the article:

After yesterday’s Get Back Gaming introduction, today we’re talking a bit more about Armada because it’s a key part of our Get Back Gaming initiative. You see, after launching (or should that be setting sail) last November, we’ve seen lots of beautifully painted fleets online and plenty of people getting excited about the game.

However, we’re a little worried that not many of you may have had the chance to actually play this absolutely brilliant game. So, we’re going to change all that with a few different events here at HQ and online. But what are they? Well, let’s take a look…