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Mantic Taking Pre-orders for Empire of Dust Fleet for Armada

The seas are sometimes referred to as a watery desert. Well, with the Empire of Dust, they're perfectly at home in the desert, so it should be just fine for them. They're the new faction hitting the waves in Armada and you can head over and get your name on the list to get yours now.

From the announcement:

Next week sees the launch of our fourth fleet for Armada... the Empire of Dust! This completes the four launch fleets for Armada, which means we'll be moving onto new factions later this year. Don't miss the Virtual Open Day on April 10th to find out more!

Raised from the depths by bale-eyed High Priests, the great war-barges of the Ahmunite Empire serve their unloving masters once more. Their hulls now built from the polished bones of the Mighty Dead, their crews silent, tireless, the warfleets of the Empire of Dust prepare to restore glory to Nehkesharr.

The Empire of Dust is the fourth fleet for Armada and completes wave one of the fleet launches. They're due in stores in March and can be pre-ordered from the Mantic website now!