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Mantic Taking Pre-orders for Abyssal Dwarves

There's a lot of things buried deep underground. Some are rather malevolent and corruptive in nature. So, when you're a group of dwarves and you've been around those things for a long time, you get warped and corrupted yourself. Hence, Abyssal Dwarves. And they'll be making their way to your tabletops soon. Mantic Games has started taking pre-orders for new Abyssal Dwarf sets for Vanguard. You can head over and get your name on the list now.

From the announcement:

The wait is over! The Abyssal Dwarf warband is now available to order - in fact, just stop reading this and immediately order EVERYTHING. This release heralds the launch of our new HARD PLASTIC Abyssal Dwarf sprue, so you can finally build some awesome Blacksouls and Decimators. 

Take a look at those and tell us you're not dribbling with excitement! The Vanguard release will be the first chance to get these awesome new hard plastics, along with a host of other great Abyssal Dwarf releases.

Look, we know you want all these amazing new Abyssal Dwarf releases, so don't mess about. The bundle comes with all the new Vanguard releases plus a BONUS Iron Caster and BONUS Slave Driver. Perfect for the wannabe diminutive despot to start their warband.

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