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Mantic Taking Pre-Orders for Kings of War: Gamer's Edition

"Get to brass tacks." It means getting rid of all the extras and boil everything down to just the essentials. That's what Mantic has done with their new Kings of War rulebook. It's the Gamer's Edition and it's a smaller-size, softcover book that's "just the facts, ma'am." Just the rules. None of the fluff. Pre-orders are being taken now.

From the announcement:

Since we launched Kings of War: Third Edition we've had numerous requests for a softback Gamer's Edition. This smaller version of the rulebook dispenses with the hugely enjoyable in-depth lore and army backgrounds in favour of only providing the rules and army lists. Basically, it's a handy reference for tournaments without having to carry around the wonderful (but heavy) hardback rulebook.

Well, we're delighted to announce that the Gamer's Edition is now available to pre-order and will start shipping in January. Why January? Well, the Gamer's Edition also comes in the phenomenally successful two-player starter set (Shadows in the North) and we need to make sure we definitely have enough books to cover all the Christmas orders!