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Mantic Taking Pre-Orders For The Walking Dead: Call to Arms

The undead are amassing. They're hungry. Hungry for human flesh! Unfortunately, that's what you're made out of. As such, you're #1 on the menu. Thankfully, you've still got your wits about you, and you are more than capable of beating the walking dead... right? Well, that's what you'll be finding out in The Walking Dead: Call to Arms, the new skirmish game available to pre-order from Mantic Games.

From the announcement:

After a week of sneak peeks and previews, we’re delighted to say that pre-orders for The Walking Dead: Call to Arms are available NOW on the Mantic website – or pop in to your FLGS and ask them to get their orders in pronto.

The good news is that over on the website, we’ve made it super easy for veterans and newcomers to get on board the Call to Arms hype train.