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Mantic Takes a Deep Look at the Elves in Armada

The newest fleet to hit the waves, the Elves bring new special rules and abilities to the game of Armada. But how does one build a force of them and what can opponents expect to see from their pointy-eared adversaries. Get a look in this deep dive (no pun intended) into them in this article.

From the article:

Chris Cowburn from the Kings of War: Armada RC is here with a guide to the latest fleet to hit the seas of Pannithor. Over to you Chris…

So, the Elves are the latest fleet to set sail in Armada. But, what can you expect from them?

First of all, let’s talk about their Fleet special rules; Masters of the Sea, and Elf-Sight. Masters of the Sea allows the Elven ships an additional yellow turn at the end of the first move step, meaning they are able to manoeuvre into position for that point blank stern rake, or can outmanoeuvre the enemy when fleeing for their lives! Elf-Sight means that the Elf ships don’t suffer the -1 modifier for shooting at targets over 10” away, as well as impacting the modifiers for firing indirect weapons.