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Mantic Shows How to Play Kings of War on Tabletop Simulator

We shouldn't be going out and about right now. Many game shops are offering curb-side pickup, but you can't really stay and play. So, how are you to get your gaming fix? Thankfully, there's virtual tabletops such as Tabletop Simulator. In this post, Mantic gives you a look into how to play their fantasy miniatures game, Kings of War, on the platform.

From the post:

Hi everyone! With the lockdown continuing, we realise more and more of you are turning online for your gaming fix. After a comprehensive guide to play Kings of War on Universal Battles (which you can read here), today we’re handing over to community member Karl Booth to talk about how to play KoW on Tabletop Simulator. We don’t understand a word of it, so best to let him take over…

I picked up Tabletop Simulator (generally known as TTS) in order to play the miniatures game Infinity during lockdown. After a couple of games it quickly became apparent that this program is awesome and I got to wondering what else might be out there? Turns out there is a LOT, and it didn’t take too much tinkering to get Kings of War up and running.

After a frenzied few days (and at least one fairly sleepless night) of finding things, working out how the various tools function, deciding to create stuff from scratch in Blender, and some coding that Frankenstein himself would have been proud of it was time to get battling in glorious 3D