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Mantic Revving Up New Releases Again

Places are starting to reopen after the pandemic and that means that companies are able to roll out some new releases again. That includes Mantic who has some up on their website that you can check out, including the new Kings of War: Vanguard 2-player starter set.

From the announcement:

As stores around the world prepare to re-open (or have already re-opened) it’s time to start bringing back regular Mantic releases! Although the previous release schedule has had to be ripped up, we’re starting to dip our toe back into the water this month with some very exciting new releases. Check them out below and be sure to order in your FLGS or direct from the Mantic website.

You asked for it and we’ve been listening… not at your window or anything creepy like that. Just when you’ve told us in person. Wow, this has got awkward… let’s move on.

Since Vanguard launched plenty of people and stores said they wished there was a starter set to make it easier to get into the game. Well, we’re delighted to say that we’ve done just that. The set contains absolutely everything you need to start playing, including:

  • 2 player Set booklet
  • Resin Basilean Dictator
  • Resin Nightstalker Banshee
  • Multi-part PVC Plastic Paladin Defenders/Chaplain
  • Multi-part PVC Plastic Men-at-Arms Sergeants/Veteran Sergeant
  • Multi-part PVC Plastic Sisterhood
  • Multi-part PVC Plastic Sisterhood Scout
  • Multi-part PVC Plastic Gur Panther
  • Multi-part PVC Plastic Butcher
  • Multi-part PVC Plastic Horror
  • Multi-part PVC Plastic Reaper
  • Multi-part PVC Plastic Phantom
  • Multi-part PVC Plastic Shadowhound
  • 5 Multi-part Hard Plastic Scarecrows/Spectres
  • 5 Multi-part Hard Plastic Men-at-Arms/Crossbowmen
  • Cardboard Counter Sheet
  • 16 Power Dice
  • 8 D8 dice
  • Bases
  • Mantic Tape Measure
  • Hardback Vanguard Rulebook

Phew! That’s a lot of stuff. Plus, if you order from the Mantic website, you’ll get a FREE digital copy of the Ice & Iron supplement, which includes new scenarios and campaign rules.

The new Vanguard two-player set starts shipping from June 15th, so look for it in your local store this month.