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Mantic Previews Uncharted Empires for Kings of War

A new supplemet is coming out soon for Kings of War. It's called Uncharted Empires and it goes on pre-sale this Friday. But... I mean, who wants to buy something they know nothing about? Nobody, that's who. That's why Mantic's here with an all-access look inside what will be coming in this book, with tour guide Matt Gilbert. Have yourselves a look.

From the announcement:

Hello! I’m Matt Gilbert, the studio manager here at Mantic and head of everything Kings of War. I’m here today to talk about the hotly anticipated follow-up to the Kings of War version 3 rulebook – Uncharted Empires!

The new supplement will be available to pre-order from the Mantic website this Friday… alongside the start of Crazy Bobby’s Black Friday deals. I’ll tackle this in a Q&A style interview with myself (yes, I’m sitting alone in an office right now with no other company) so that it hopefully deals with all the questions and comments I’ve seen (or am anticipating!) in the various groups online.