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Mantic Previews The Umbrella Academy in 2022

Christmas is over, but the Christmas Blogs continue as Mantic goes through all their games and gives you a look at what they're working on for this year (and they've got a lot of games). This time around, it's The Umbrella Academy.

From the update:

So, onto Umbrella Academy then. We actually teased Umbrella Academy: The Board Game way back in 2019 and we realise it’s gone a bit quiet since then. However, the great news is that we’ve been busy working away in the background and can reveal some of the first details about this exciting addition to the Mantic catalogue.

First up, we’re pleased to announce we’ve worked with the award-winning River Horse Games to design The Umbrella Academy. We’ve got a long history with Alessio Cavatore – after he created the rules for Kings of War – and we’re delighted to be working with him once again for The Umbrella Academy. As well as making fantastic wargames, like Kings of War, Alessio has made some incredibly popular board games too – including The Labyrinth, Dark Crystal and Pacific Rim.