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Mantic Previews Shooting in Armada

I mean, Armada is a combat game. I suppose you could just ram into one-another, but these ships all have powerful armaments on board. And when it's time to open up a cannonade, you'll want to know how that works. Thankfully, that's what you get in this preview article.

From the preview:

Welcome to the latest in our series of rules blogs for Armada – the game of epic naval warfare. We’re just over a month away from release and we can’t wait to hit the high seas. In today’s blog, we’re explaining how shooting works.

Ships in the world of Pannithor can carry a bewildering array of cunning, brutal and magical weaponry. For simplicity, Armada uses four categories of weapons: Heavy Weapons (H), Light Weapons (L), Close Quarter Weapons (C) and Indirect Weapons (IDW). The game comes with different coloured D10 so you can roll for each weapon at the same time, without getting confused.

Each of the different types of weapons has a maximum range, which you’ll need to watch out for when moving. Indirect Weapons can be fired up to 22”, Heavy Weapons have a distance of 20”, Light Weapons are capable firing up to 14” and Close Quarter Weapons only fire 8”. Potentially this means you can weaken an enemy with a Heavy Weapon before moving in for the kill with your Close Quarter Weapons.