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Mantic Previews Scenarios in Armada

While ships might just randomly stumble across one-another out in the briny deep, it's more likely that each crew is on a particular mission. And that's represented in Armada by the game's scenarios. In this preview for the upcoming maritime game from Mantic, we get a look at how these scenarios look.

From the article:

Ahoy there! Good to see you back for another of our Armada rules previews. After yesterday’s blog, which explained how you build your fleets (read that here), today we’re talking about the different sorts of scenarios you’ll be playing.

There are 10 different missions in the rulebook, each with their own unique rules and conditions for winning. With the scenarios we wanted to have a mix of more typical naval objectives and slightly more fantastical missions that represent the magic and monsters of Pannithor – something we’ll be expanding on in the future too.