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Mantic Previews October Releases for Kings of War

October is only a week and change away. So, there's not a better time to be showing off what will be coming out that month. If you're a Kings of War player, you should be exicted, as Halpi's Rift, a new campaign book, is coming, along with bunches of new models to go along with it. Want to see some more? Head on through to find out all about it.

From the article:

Halpi’s Rift is a brand-new campaign book for Kings of War, which includes rules for the using the magic bleeding into the world of Pannithor in your games! Each campaign location is affected by the magical energies running through Pannithor differently – providing players with additional location specific spells and artefacts that can be used to vanquish their foes and turn the tide of the campaign.

The increase in magical activity in these locations may also provide Spellcasters with powerful, if sometimes unpredictable, abilities. Such is the power of these magical energies, that even the nature of the battlefield terrain itself may be blessed or cursed by it, causing generals to adapt their tactics for the unique scenarios found in each location.