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Mantic Previews New Player for OverDrive

The OverDrive arena is calling to you. Coaches are assembling teams and setting up practice sessions. Soon, it'll be time to hit the arena floor. But right now, the scouts are out, looking over possible teammates. In this preview, we get a look at Synechdoche.

From the article:

Welcome Coaches to the OverDrive Locker Room! This is the place to come for exclusive sneak peeks at the players you’ll be battling it out with in the arena when OverDrive launches this September. In each blog we’ll be taking a closer look at the background, stats and tactics for each player. Today we’re getting weird with the mind-controlling space jellyfish, Synechdoche.


You’re probably looking at those stats and thinking “Why in the world would I take this odd character? Yeah, the 3+ Agility is nice but everything else… ugh, just pass me Karadon.” Well, my friend that would potentially be a terrible mistake because Synechdoche can be one of the most powerful Players in the game. In many ways, it’s the ultimate support character and its Overdrive ability is among the strongest in the game.

But first, let’s talk about that Push ability. If you’ve watched any of the OverDrive videos so far you’ll know that this is a game that’s all about positioning – particularly in the King of the Hill mode. Obviously Synechdoche isn’t going to be Slamming anyone out of the way. Instead, it will be using its psychic capabilities to push opponents out of the way. Push is a Skill Test and for each success, you’ll push the target directly away one hex. In some ways it doesn’t matter that Synechdoche is so slow because the Range on Push it up to five hexes, so you can keep Synechdoche at a safe distance before pushing your opponent out of the Active Scoring Zone.