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Mantic Previews New Minions for Hellboy

The big baddies aren't the only thing that Hellboy and the other Agents of the BPRD have to worry about. There's also the minions of said baddies roaming around. There's a new Hellboy: The Board Game set coming to Kickstarter soon and Mantic's showing off some of the new lesser villains that players will have to deal with.

From the preview:

So, spoiler alert, but things don’t really go great in the Mignolaverse for, well, almost anyone. The BPRD eventually finds itself in the middle of a full-blown apocalypse, with monsters roaming the streets and people desperately surviving against the odds. There are some great iconic enemies in this hell on earth, and my favourite to write by far was the cricket.

Crickets are nightmarish creatures, basically a ravenous fanged maw on top of long stringy tentacle legs. They skitter around at a hell of a speed and they don’t tend to appear alone. Where there’s one cricket, there’s a dozen more. Worse, when they nest, you’ll find them in their thousands. I wanted this to be how they felt to face on the board too, so I created a simple rule to make sure things escalate: whenever you place a cricket you roll a dice and there’s a chance you’ll place another one alongside it.