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Mantic Previews New Bosses Coming for Hellboy: The Board Game

The new expansions for Hellboy: The Board Game are coming to Kickstarter soon. There's plenty of strange, mythological monsters that are already in the game, but considering how many exist throughout the various folklore tales, there's plenty more to add. We get a look at some of them in this preview.

From the article:

There’s some seriously big bads coming in the Pandemonium expansion – seriously big.

When we discussed making rules for a Hammerhead, the enormous monstrous creatures that toss cars aside and smash down buildings, I’ll admit I got unduly excited. Because who doesn’t want a destructive monster the size of a boat to beat up whole investigating the most terrible of occult mysteries?

These enormous creatures are as devastating as you’d hope. They’re not smart, and they’re not subtle, but they will absolutely wreck your day. Whenever you take damage from one of these beasts, you’ll roll a black die and take that much extra. They will destroy you if you don’t keep your distance and play it smart.