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Mantic Previews Loot in League of Infamy

Hero or villain, it's all about the loot. You can't be an evil mastermind in just your skivvies. You need amazing armor, weapons, and other gear to make sure your evil plots are seen through. And that's what we get a look at here. Mantic is showing off Loot in League of Infamy.

From the article:

Hello would-be Villains! We’re back with another thrilling, exciting and devious blog about League of Infamy. After talking about the Keep Master and Disorder cards, today we’re exploring loot (or to give loot its correct name, LOOOOOOOOOT). There are a couple of ways you can earn LOOOOOOOOOT in the game, which we’ll go over quickly in this blog.

First up, you can find LOOOOOOOOOT (ok, we’ll stop that now) by exploring the sanctuary. At the start of each scenario, the Keep Master will place Chamber Cards or indicate store rooms with a token. Both of these MAY contain loot… they may also contain pesky Defenders too (so be careful). When you first enter a chamber or store room, you’ll flip the card/token to see if there’s loot inside.