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Mantic Previews Kings of War in 2022

Mantic is marching through all of their games, giving us a look at what things are in store for this new year. This time around, it's Kings of War's turn in the spotlight. Head through and see what Mantic's got up their sleeves.

From the article:

2021 was a HUGE year for Kings of War. In fact, it’s hard to believe we packed in the following army releases:

  •   Ratkin
  •    Salamanders
  •    Halflings
  •    Riftforged Orcs

And that was alongside smaller releases, like the new and improved drakon riders, plus the ogre warlock dedicated to Kings of War legend Jesse. What’s more, we even managed to squeeze in a global campaign to decide the fate of the Halpi Mountains. Moving on to 2022 then, and we’ve got some awesome stuff up our sleeves.


First up for 2022, we’ve got some additional units for the Riftforged Orcs. Although the army and mega army launched in December, we’re following that up with individual releases of minis like the Stormcaller and Thunderseers, plus brand-new monsters like the menacing Stormslayer.