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Mantic Previews Keep Master Role in League of Infamy

League of Infamy is the upcoming cooperative game from Mantic where you take on the role of villains. But the game also has the option to be a 1-vs-many game. Then, one player takes on the role of the Keep Master. In this preview, we get a look at just what that entails.

From the article:

Did you know that League of Infamy – the game where you play the villains – is coming out later this month? In the run up to release, we’ll continue to delve into the development of the game to give you a better idea of how it plays. After our previous blog looking through the Villain Card, today we thought we should probably look at the ‘courageous’ Keep Master and their pesky elves *spits in disgust*

A little like Star Saga and Dungeon Saga, League of Infamy has the option to pit one player against everyone else. Although unlike those games, this time the antagonist is actually the hero! It’s all about perspective. The Keep Master is in charge of the elf defenders that will try and stop the ‘evil’ villains carrying out their nefarious schemes.

“But wait a minute! I hate being the player that has to beat everyone else and ruin their evening – mainly because I also laugh and point at them. I wish this was entirely co-operative.”

Ah, it’s our old friend imaginary blog reader. Don’t worry! There will also be an AI deck that pits you against an imaginary Keep Master, so you can have four players all on the same side. Hooray! We’ll have more on that in a future blog.

Although their bastion is being assaulted by a team of highly skilled Villains, the Keep Master has a few tricks up their sleeve – after all, they have the home field advantage. This is represented by the Keep deck, from which they will draw a hand of cards at the start of the game and replenish each round.